May 31, 2017



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today I have for you a motivation booster! It was first made famous by Walt Disney (yeah, THAT Walt Disney!) and is a powerful tool for showing your mind what you'd like to achieve or who you'd like to become. It's a sort of a visualization exercise but it focuses on your ultimate goal - something huuuge in the more or less distant future - and is extremely vivid, so you actually can feel like you're achieving success and experiencing your dream fulfilled. To make it happen you need to concentrate on your breathing and relax deeply before you start creating in your imagination the most positive personal scenario. So, are you ready to start? Here's how you do it!



1) Focused breathing


Sit down or lie down for 1-2 minutes. Observe your breathing. You can focus on your nostrils or on your ribcage while you inhale and exhale. To help you start breathing deeper and more regularly, you might want to count your breaths (just in your thoughts), from 1 to 10, and then again and again, like in simple meditation. When you feel that your breathing became deeper and slower, you can go on to relaxation.


2) Relaxation


Lie down if you haven't done it yet, on your back. It can be in your bed or just on the floor, on a mat or a folded blanket. Make yourself comfortable and, if needed, put a folded scarf or a paperback book under your head. Close your eyes and spend a few minutes focusing on particular parts of your body, feeling how they become more relaxed, and heavier. You can release any tensions, and let the floor / bed do the job of holding your body. Think of how your spine can get back to its full length, how your legs (flat on the floor or bent in the knees) can rest and relax, how you can grow a bit by letting your body be just as it is. You can also use the Shavasana position from yoga or go through muscle relaxation like in the Jacobson's method. It's gonna take you about 5 minutes, maybe shorter if you practice it regularly.


3) Imagineering


After you've started breathing deeply and relaxed your body, you can begin with creating your vision. Imagine what it would be like to achieve a huge, ultimate success as a musician - something that might take you even a lifetime to accomplish, but would be your dream, worth all the effort. Who is there with you? What sounds can you hear? Where are you and what is happening? And, most importantly, what emotions do you feel and how do you express them? What does it feel like for you to be a fulfilled musician? Spend about 20 minutes imagining all these details and always stay positive when doing imagineering.


I hope you'll have fun, guys. Give it a go, and if you like it, return to that exercise regularly, so that your brain gets convinced that this is what you want. You'd better have that pal on board when you work hard to make your dream come true ;)

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