Shhh.... music practice without producing sounds...

April 22, 2017



Why working quietly can be great for musicians? Here are 5 reasons explaining why you might want to enrich your daily practice with quieter moments (even if you don't know about that yet)!


1. Your family members, flatmates and neighbors are more relaxed (less noise) ;)

2. You get to know your music way better when you work more with scores, recordings, and your own imagination (mental training)

3. You can practice no matter where you are

4. You train your 'inner ear' which allows you to have more control over your playing or singing, and you also get better at sight-reading because of the improved eye-ear connection

5. You miss producing sounds, so when you get back to that you really enjoy making music and being loud!


Give it a go and enjoy making progress as a musician whenever you want :)



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