Music Practice Decoded. The Psychology of Getting Brilliant in Music is a guide addressed to music performers, teachers, advanced students, and passionate hobby musicians. It is a compilation of publications – often best-selling and highly-acclaimed – from such fields as: music psychology, general psychology, popular psychology, self-coaching, and 'how-to' for musicians. The book explains the mechanisms of how people get better in any complex skill they choose to acquire and, specifically, in music. The diversity of sources and presented approaches ensures that any given information is as objective and as well-balanced as possible. By providing practical examples of how to apply this knowledge, the book can help the reader to practice, perform, and teach more effectively. So just start reading, get clever, apply your knowledge, and shine!

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1) Who is this ebook for?

"Music Practice Decoded" has been written for music performers, teachers, advanced students, and passionate hobby musicians — in a nutshell, for everybody who makes music on a regular basis, or needs to be able to help others with their intensive training in music. Both instrumentalists and singers can benefit from reading this guide which focuses on the aspects of practice that are relevant to all performing musicians, no matter what genre or style they represent.


2) What is "Music Practice Decoded" about?

The ebook explains how one can make their music practice more effective and so become a highly skilled, fulfilled and successful musician. "Music Practice Decoded" presents information on the psychological aspects of music training that have turned out to play an essential role in one's development as a musician. Apart from the facts proven by scientific research in the last few decades there are also multiple strategies and ideas for how one can apply this knowledge on a daily basis.

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3) What were the sources of information for this book?

This guide synthesizes 40 other publications, many of them highly acclaimed. There are quite a few general psychology books and articles, some sources focusing on music psychology and cognitive psychology in particular, other ones being best-sellers in the fields of coaching, self-coaching, and popular psychology, as well as a few how-to books written for musicians by musicians. To see the full bibliography, click here.

4) Is it only facts and theories?

No, absolutely not. Whereas providing information about the psychological aspects of getting brilliant in music is the most important part of this ebook, there are still numerous examples that advise the reader on how they can use this knowledge, giving them ideas that can be easily tried out and incorporated in one's daily music training. Many tips in the book can also inspire the reader to find their own ways of putting the given information into practice.


5) How long is the book?

The book consists of slightly over 35,000 words and as a pdf-file is 67 pages long (A-4, Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.0, block paragraphs). Of course, when you order the ebook, you get it in a few formats, so that you can read it the way you you want — on a device of your choice or printed out (epub, mobi, pdf, doc).


6) How can I benefit most from reading this ebook?

Depending on the reader's personal preferences and interests it can be helpful to start either with the parts of the book that seem especially important to them at the moment or read through the whole book quickly to get the 'big picture' of the topic. In general, the author recommends to read the book at least twice and encourages to return to the fragments which give ideas for practical use of the described theories. Although learning about the mechanisms of getting brilliant in music can be advantageous and lead to some positive changes, the reader will benefit most if they follow at least some of the given advice and try out various ideas described in this ebook. Incorporating some new good habits into regular practice will lead to the reader's further development as a musician, so please remember that consciously applying the given information is essential here.


7) What is the author's background in the areas of music and psychology?

The author, Agnieszka Bialek, has completed her Master degree with first-class honors at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria, where she has studied Instrumental and Vocal Music Education, while taking the flute as her main subject. She also received her First Diploma in Composition and Music Theory at the same university. Currently she is a private teacher (flute, piano, music theory), freelance performer (instrumental chamber music, choirs), accompanist and composer, as well as blogger, writer, and member of the Society for Education and Music Psychology Research "Sempre". Shortly after beginning college she started reading on psychology-related topics, focusing mostly on such areas as music psychology, cognitive psychology, coaching and self-coaching. These five years of diving into psychological and practical depths of being a musician and a student resulted in her master thesis about the psychological aspects of effective practice. A few months of intensive reading - of returning to some of those books which she had discovered earlier, of searching for new ones during a three-month research (quite a busy summer holiday) in the libraries of the city of Vienna, the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and the Trinity College Dublin, as well as of purchasing and getting familiar with the newest releases on the subject — and another few months of writing resulted in a brilliant academic paper. Since the author recognized many other musicians' keen interest in this topic, she continued her work in order to create an ebook which is not only informative and backed by thorough scientific research, but also leisurely to read and useful in terms of putting theory into practice. "Music Practice Decoded" is this ebook — informative and enjoyable to read.


8) Where can I purchase "Music Practice Decoded"?

You can purchase the ebook (published March 21, 2017) either directly on this website or from the following retailers:

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